0% Alcohol

Natural Ingredients

Scottish Origin

0% Alcohol

Natural Ingredients

Scottish Origin


Talonmore has been voted Number 1 Non-Alcoholic Spirit in a blind taste test by both Good Housekeeping and Men's Health

Fiery Flavour

Serve neat, on the rocks, or in a multitude of cocktails. Shake short for full fragrance and evolving spices or mix long for summer refreshment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me More about Talonmore

Talonmore is an alcohol-free spirit made from root ingredients that has been designed to replicate the experience of drinking a dark spirit such as Whisky, Rum, Cognac or Tequila Reposado. Our flagship product was born from a desire to create a great tasting non alcoholic spirit to combat the lack of options in the market. We are a family business based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What makes Talonmore different to other non-alcoholic spirits?

We believe distilled products without ethanol to carry the flavour are typically left with a watery taste and weak smell. Therefore, we decided on a game changing process without distilling. At Talonmore, we brew natural and rooted ingredients to ensure a full and fiery flavour, without the use of ethanol. This ensures that it's a great tasting drink at an appropriate price with absolutely no alcohol.

How do you drink Talonmore?

You can enjoy Talonmore neat, on the rocks or add a light mixer to produce a longer refreshing beverage. Primarily, we encourage you to explore Talonmore though creating our signature serve cocktails. You can find these here!

How do I store Talonmore?

Due to the natural ingredients in Talonmore, we recommend to store in a cool, dark place before opening. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 months (<7 degree c.) or 2 months at ambient temperature. Like a premium white wine or spirit, Talonmore tastes best when stored properly.

What makes the Talonmore flavour unique, memorable and beneficial?

At Talonmore, we make our own bespoke essence: a mix of hawthorn berry with cassia bark (cinnamon) to create a tart, tangy burst but lighlty softened with spiced sweetness.

Hawthorn berries are tiny nutrient-rich berries and, for hundreds of years, people have used hawthorn berry as a herbal remedy for digestive problems, heart issues, and high blood pressure. The combined essence therefore contains many health benefits including powerful antioxidants loaded in cinnamon.

Ginger provides the heat and spice however it is also known to have many health benefits; it can ease digestion, tackle joint inflammation and relieve nausea.

Prickly Pear is a member of the cactus family - an exotic colourful fruit and adds fibre and nutritions. The flesh of prickly pears is juicy, contains seeds, and has a sweet taste similar to that of watermelon. 

Assam Tea is a black tea named after region of production, Assam in India, and brings a malty flavour and rich savoury aroma.

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