The Dry January Challenge

The Dry January Challenge

Many people like to challenge themselves in January to give up alcohol consumption entirely. This could be as a result of feeling sluggish and unhealthy after a month of festive indulgence or just looking to use the turn of the new year to bring some changes to their lifestyle for the year ahead. Talonmore Drinks list some key health benefits of choosing an alcohol alternative that supports Dry January here.

Dry January can also help people to drink more healthily all year-round. Research conducted by the University of Sussex has found that, six months after Dry January, more than 70% of people who take on the month challenge are still drinking more healthily. In addition, they have boosted levels of wellbeing, and much more besides.

Talonmore supports no-alcohol in January by offering a non-alcoholic spirit like no other  that stands out from other non-alcoholic beverages and spirits. Here are the key differences:

  • At Talonmore, we brew natural and rooted ingredients with ginger infusion to ensure a full and fiery flavour
  • Talonmore is so versatile and we encourage you to dare to explore. Serve neat or on the rocks, with your favourite mixer or create winter warming or summer refreshment signature serves here.
  • Talonmore is suitable for many dietary requirements including Vegan friendly, Gluten-free and egg-free. Talonmore is also around half the calories of a whisky measure
  • Sip Talonmore and let yourself drift into a world of Scottish history and festival spirit. 

If you have taken on Dry January, our 70cl bottle offers 28 measures so help you explore a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktails. Buy online here.